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Saturday, October 30, 2010


So I literally just sat down, opened my computer and I was like "there's nothing to do online" so I went to - something I SWEAR i rarely do!! The first post was about the jersey shore dressing up as each other, and I clicked on Snooki's twitter, which led me to her website. I then thought "Wow, am I really reading about Snooki's life? Do I really care that she was on the show 'is she really going out with him' before Jersey Shore?" so I set my computer down and went outside. I come back a little while later, close the computer & turn on the tv. I routinely click over to MTV in case an episode of NEXT is on (best MTV show ever) but it said "up next: is she really going out with him?" so I was like "oh weird I was just reading about that" and then low and behold......IT'S THE ONE WITH SNOOKIE! Soooo weird!!! haha. Must be that Halloween spookiness going on.

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