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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Friends, I just created this one of a kind tote bag and I am in love! It's always an amazing (and doesn't happen regularly) feeling when you set out to create something and you do so with out any major mistakes in the process! I feel like I'm finally starting to get good at this sewing thing.

This tote was made with a variety of products:
A vintage dog patch that I thrifted years ago
Gold and White striped fabric that I got from my mom's stash
Floral fabric that I bought in Chinatown in San Francisco
Sheer Polka dot fabric (the lining) that's from my mom's stash as well
Seafoam stripe fabric that I thrifted awhile ago

That's kind of a lot of stuff!! I love that my fabric stash has things from all over. It's so fun to just go in and put things together, and then think "what part of the world is all this from?" I have fabrics from Bangkok, London, all over the US, Cambodia, etc..

Anyway, this tote is for sale in my colorblock shop!

Here are some extra photos of the tote, since Etsy only allows 5:

A blend of floral & seafoam.. so visually pleasing! 

I love the polka dot lining, it's the perfect touch! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Adventures in Hawaii, 2.0

My 26th birthday was on January 30th, and I managed to get over a week of time off. I decided to throw myself a party and then the next day, jet off to the west coast.

So that's exactly what I did.

My party went well. Tons of friends from work came as well as my good friends from school/life. The next morning I flew to San Diego to visit some other friends, and a few days later it was time for Hawaii!

I had a few, well-needed days to myself in Oahu, but I didn't spend them alone for too long. I met a cool guy at the hostel, and we hung out and hiked up the Koko Crater together. The next day, I met up with a friend and we went on a random road trip around the island. I was able to see the entire island of Oahu, which I wasn't expecting! I figured I'd stay in Waikiki the entire time. I'm definitely thankful for my time in Oahu. However, the next time I travel, I'm definitely going abroad.. my passport hasn't been used for anything other than work since October!!

this is my very good friend Phill. This is what he does. 

I made most of this food! Oh, did I mention that throwing parties is a great way to get rid of food? 

A crowd of people in my kitchen. 

That's my little brother in the corner! 

Me consoling Ralph (my little brother) 

Ahhhh beach life!!!!!!!!!!!

On the way up to the Koko Crater. We only stopped a few times. I definitely recommend this hike! 

We finally made it to the top! 

A fantastic Chinese dinner. However, I am pretty sure I fell asleep at the table. 

Finally, this is one amazing shrimp food truck. Definitely recommended!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shop Update and Life Update

Hello friends!

Things have been quiet over here. I turned 26 in January and decided to spend my birthday in Hawaii :)
I climbed to the top of the Koko Crater, swam in the Pacific, took a road trip around the entire island and saw whales. It was a good birthday, if I do say so myself.

Tonight we're expecting yet another attempt of a snow-storm. I just heard about it an hour ago, that's how big of a deal it really isn't. These things always have a tendency to happen when I'm not working, though, so I'm thankful. I'm debating if I want to move my entire apartment around tonight (I'm really in the mood for a change). I think it will happen, if I don't go out for margaritas first..

And in other news, I posted some new things on etsy in the last week or so! Check it out..

I love this fuzzy bag. It's in perfect shape, too. 

A super sweet unicorn sun catcher 

Floral Wedges.. I'm kind of in love. 

electric blue 80's clutch/purse.. still has the tags! 

Yes! Something for men! Vintage Sailboat Belt 

A classic red carry-on bag from Sears.