small changes can lead to big differences.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ok.. maybe this can work

Something good can work, right?

I recently took a mini road trip to Eagle/Vail, Colorado. I drove a friend up because I had an 18 hour layover, and well, I like to go on adventures! I was so inspired by the mountains and the cabins and small towns. I never thought I'd ever enjoy the cold, but having a home-cooked meal in basically a renovated log-cabin sort of changed my mind..

My style and eye has definitely been intrigued, and I'm finding that I'm enjoying more of a "ski-lodge but in 2012" direction when it comes to design and what I'm buying for the shop. I'm half tempted to buy 25 sweaters just to turn them into legwarmers. And the most ironic part about all of this is that it's 80 degrees on March 23rd  and all of the ski resorts have been closed for the year.

So stay tuned! The shop has been updated but things are selling out fast! Don't miss out on any of these gems I have.

sorry for the half-assed blog post, I'm super tired.