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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shop Update and Life Update

Hello friends!

Things have been quiet over here. I turned 26 in January and decided to spend my birthday in Hawaii :)
I climbed to the top of the Koko Crater, swam in the Pacific, took a road trip around the entire island and saw whales. It was a good birthday, if I do say so myself.

Tonight we're expecting yet another attempt of a snow-storm. I just heard about it an hour ago, that's how big of a deal it really isn't. These things always have a tendency to happen when I'm not working, though, so I'm thankful. I'm debating if I want to move my entire apartment around tonight (I'm really in the mood for a change). I think it will happen, if I don't go out for margaritas first..

And in other news, I posted some new things on etsy in the last week or so! Check it out..

I love this fuzzy bag. It's in perfect shape, too. 

A super sweet unicorn sun catcher 

Floral Wedges.. I'm kind of in love. 

electric blue 80's clutch/purse.. still has the tags! 

Yes! Something for men! Vintage Sailboat Belt 

A classic red carry-on bag from Sears. 

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