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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What.. the..???

My parents have lived at this address for about 18 years and we have rarely seen the stray or feral cat wandering around. However, just a few weeks ago we had a BURST of ferals come on our block and now we have a problem.

Feral cats are NOT fun. Have you ever heard cats mate? It's probably the worst sound ever, with bone-chilling screams that last for what feel like hours. I remember trying to sleep in Costa Rica even WITH headphones on, and the screams of the cats were just terrible. Not only are the sounds the worst, but we don't need any more cats to go into shelters! So I'm attempting to tackle this problem right now. Oh, and did I mention the large amount of cat feces in my front yard that my dogs are trying to eat? Yea. Not fun.

I found a friend who has several cat traps to lend me (since I lent mine out & never saw it again) and a great organization called Triple R Pets who is helping me with this situation. They are willing to transport these cats up to PAWS Chicago to get them fixed if I trap them and pay for some of the funding. I am ALL for this idea because it means I don't have to get up at 5 am, drive all the way up to Paws with 5 stinky cats in someone's car, and I don't have to wait around to pick the cats up at 5pm. It is amazing that they are willing to do this for me - that shows how passionate they are!

So I am hoping to be able to squeeze out some funds from my parents since they have to put up with this problem as well. I can try to cover some funding as well, but I kind of had a reality check when I looked at how much debt I have and how little funds I have in my bank account.

So, any and all purchases from now to Sunday night in my Etsy shops will go towards the spay/neuter of these cats. I have the potential of trapping 5 cats, which amounts to $155 to fix these cats. I don't want the rescue group to have to empty their funds since this is what they do every day & have several cats to fix, so please consider purchasing an item this weekend to help!

Vintage & Handmade

Fabric & Supplies

I will put all profit towards the cats this weekend, & any left over will go towards the group to help their other feral cats.

If you don't want to purchase an item & would rather donate, click here. In a world of shady non-profits where you have no clue where your money is going, I can honestly say that this group is 100% legit. I know a lot of their volunteers & have worked with them before, and they love cats, they love to volunteer, and they are great people. These small groups are the ones making the biggest difference, the ones tackling the tough problems, and the ones that are willing to help people & communities. So, please consider donating to them or purchasing an item from my shop to help. Thanks for reading!!!

PS: TNR Trapping is 100% Humane. We use safe traps that lure the cat in w/ food, and as soon as the cat steps on a lever, the doors close. There is nothing in the trap that would hurt the cat. We then take them to PAWS Chicago to get them fixed, vetted (rabies, microchip) and then after they're healed, we release them back into where they originated to live their life. The reason we don't adopt these cats out is because they have been born into the wild and aged with no human contact. It would take years for a feral to become accustomed to just one person, & since there are already hundreds of cats needing homes in the Chicago area alone, it is the best option for everyone to let these guys go.

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