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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mega Shop Update!

Last week, Juli & I had an epic photo shoot! We had 3 models between us and I think I had a total of about 60 items photographed. The best part? We didn't even photograph everything I had - I have SO much more! However, I didn't rush to get pictures of summer items since it's fall & winter is on the way.

Head over to the shop to see what's new before it disappears! I have a feeling that a lot of these items aren't going to last :)

Also, did you know that return buyers will always receive 10% off? If you've bought something from me before, all you have to do is type in "10% off discount!" or something of that nature into the "message to seller" box. & that's not just a one-time offer, it's good on all future purchases!

Here are some of my favorites that I've listed so far! I hope to have everything listed by the end of this week, so keep checking back!

Grandpa cardigan with color blocks-  amazing!

This was one of my favorites, and it sold 10 minutes after I listed it!

Lace & Jersey 80s dress - perfection!

peach cocktail dress with lace bodice. Simply stunning!

Ruffle purse that goes with almost ANY cocktail dress!!

cozy llama wool sweater!

enjoy! I have several plus-size dresses coming up, but they are more summery so I'm posting the winter stuff first :)

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