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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A lighter post.. .

Oh wow. after posting the hoarding, I feel like i need to write about something happy & light-hearted!

I bike about 8 miles every few days  through the forest preserve. It's so gorgeous, full of nature & wildlife, I love it!! It is such a good opportunity to clear my head & get exercise, & I totally recommend it.

Here are some lovely photos for you to enjoy. Who knew suburbs of Chicago had such pretty forest preserves? For now at least! hint: click pics for larger scale photos!

i guess this is why we're called the Prairie State?

That's my bike!!! An 80's Raleigh with the best colors ever - pink & grey!

This wall of trees is amazing. it's my favorite place in the world right now. It reminds me of a fairy tale, and I want to just go sit in the forest for days.

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