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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Valerie Barad

After I wrote my previous post  I got so inspired by those Valerie Barad purses. I have one that I use frequently that I found in a Santa Cruz thrift store, and I also found one a few months ago that I sold on Etsy. I am now regretting this. However, up until now I thought it said "Malerie Barad" - the V looks like an M!

So I did a search on etsy and I am convinced this is one amazing designer, and now I want to start collecting!! (I love to collect things for some reason)

Here are the amazing purses I have found so far:

This one is amazing! I love the wide array of colors. The interior is identical to mine, just with a different pattern. 

talk about life changing! this purse from the 80s is a must-have. It will always be in-style.. especially now. 

This is the one I found and sold. I love the geo pattern, and it was so roomy! 

I do love the two zippers on this purse. It adds a bit more functionality than the rest of the purses in this type of design. 

Amazing! I love how versatile she is/was. Violet/blue/white cloth clutch with tassle. 

Well that's all! I found a few more purses on ebay and around the web, but the cutest ones were of course, on etsy. We just know best!

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  1. Don't know if you are still into this designer, but I just listed one on my vintage Etsy shop.