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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Resolutions + some pictures.

I never make new years resolutions because they are so incredibly hard to follow, and it's basically setting myself up for disappointment. I also don't think it is effective to pressure yourself to lose 15 pounds or exercise more - you really have to want to change your lifestyle or want to eat better. Losing 15 pounds means nothing if you continue your eating habits that got you to where you are in the first place. Therefore, people who make these resolutions without actually thinking them through - what would they have to change in their lifestyle - usually don't end up completing the resolution.

However! I really feel like this year is the year for me. I have been thinking a lot about cutting out many bad food and drink items from my life. No, not alcohol - I love beer (good beer, that is) - but soda, sugary juices, milk with chemicals and hormones pumped into them, and so on. I know it will be a gradual thing, but I am sort of anxious to start... except I don't know when or how to go about this. Do I cut soda out first? If I cut it out so abruptly, will it have a negative effect and will I give up? Should I switch to something healthier in place of soda, such as tea or coffee?

Surprisingly, I really don't drink that much soda - it's usually when I am at school and that's only twice a week. I rarely drink out of a can or bottle, too - I usually crave the fountain drinks and they're only a dollar at McDonald's, so it's hard to pass up! But recently I've started realizing I don't really like how I feel after drinking it, not to mention the effects it has on my teeth and body. I am not very fond of fake sugar and chemicals and dyes, yet I continue to eat them so... yea.

Some of my other resolutions are to be a better friend, do my hair more, drink more water and don't be an idiot about money. I also am hoping that next quarter I can bring my own food, eat healthier breakfasts and cut spending money on food out altogether while I'm there. These are all resolutions I think I can follow, especially since I have been thinking about them for a few weeks now. I just would like to be a healthier person, inside and out, and hopefully once I stop eating processed and packaged foods, drinking sugary and diet sodas, I'll feel healthier, be more productive and that all my acne will go away.

Now, here are some photos from a few weeks ago - my friend's 30th bday party - we had a surprise party for him and everyone dressed up as nintendo characters.

always good to have a doctor in the house

some spillage... sorry Chris

Fan of wonder!

Mike in a furry it should be!

Most epic photo!

I am an angry Princess Peach!!

I have some awesome people in my life!


  1. yay! you know, even if you switch to pure-sugar sodas when you're really craving soda (like the OG knudsen's, etc.), that is better for you than "real" soda because it is much less processed. pure sugar is easier on our bodies than high-fructose corn syrup, by a lot. once you start getting it out of your system, you will crave it less and less. good luck and keep us posted! i had a lot of success with my skin through diet. xoxoxo

  2. thanks! The sad part is that I don't drink sugary sodas.. it's diet soda that I'm addicted to. However, I would much rather have tea & honey with stevia any day than soda, so I'm trying to keep that accessible, especially when I'm out or at school. Even tea and honey alone are just fine.

  3. You should use Health Month! It's very helpful. I've been doing it the last 3 months.