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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

just a few things...

Ah! I have been browsing etsy lately because I don't want to work on my homework.. this is always a dangerous thing! But with Christmas and my birthday approaching, I have been sending things to my mom as gift ideas.

OMG! I need these. although I already have so many mason jars.. can you really ever have enough? 

I want these to add to my packages I ship out!! The owners of this shop, Orange Beautiful, are friends with my friends and are also in a band that is friends with my friends bands... confused? basically, I don't know them but I do, but we have never met.

I kind of totally want these! They're a little too big, but I am sure I can make them fit!

YES PLEASE!!! I want these so bad! I would live in them I'm pretty sure. Especially since my new diet is already shedding the pounds off! Well, in my mind it is.

 I have a bag or two by this designer (Valerie Barad) and I love the detail, compartments and style of this one! AND it's only $12! Might have to send this link to my party posse and tell them to buy it for me. And by posse I mean parents and dogs. 

On a side note, here is some worldly advice for you: if you are a lover of Starbucks Flavored Via (like me) I highly recommend using Milk.. it's super easy! Measure a cup and pour it in a small pot and steam it on the stove (but watch it carefully because you don't want it to burn) HOWEVER: I decided to go to Starbucks today and ask them to make it for me using milk. I knew they'd charge me, but I had no idea it'd be $2.75!!! I can buy an entire GALLON of milk for that. I was kinda pissed and from now on will be making it at home, I can't justify spending that much money on 8 ounces of milk, you know? Plus on top of the via itself - too much money! Learn from my mistakes!!!!

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