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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cases& Bags

It may be Holiday break right now, but school will be starting back up soon! Do you need a new bag to hold all of those books or, in my case, all of your fabric & sewing supplies?

This gorgeous tapestry bag is perfect for books. in fact, I use it to carry them when I do my vintage shows. It's so sturdy and weather proof, not to mention chic and unique! 


This is the most stunning Samsonite bag I've encountered. It's from their Fashionaire line and even comes with a removable matching clutch! It's also in amazing shape and perfect for books and supplies. 


I love the color combinations on this Verdi bag! A great, simple floral bag that even comes with an unused luggage tag. 


!! this bag is amazing! I love the primary/secondary color combinations. Oh my.. if I didn't already have an abundance of cases this would be in my etsy shopping cart! 


hah! I love this. The sticker was added to the bag and it makes it so cool. I love the bright red, too. 


Who knew there were soo many bags to choose from!? Although they really are all amazing. In other news, I'm not sure why I've taken to blogging so much - I discovered the "add photo" button on blogger and that really makes things so much easier. I used to use HTML and it is so annoying when you can't get codes right! I also think I may be distracting myself from doing other things, such as cleaning.. haha. Anyway, hope you have  a great Saturday night! 

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