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Friday, December 17, 2010

photogenic eye

i love photos. I love looking at pictures and imagining the story, the scene, what people were saying before and after the photos were taken, what the subjects were thinking at the time, everything. There's something so fascinating about capturing expression, feeling and a moment on film.

I don't know much about how cameras work, but I'm hoping to take a photography class soon. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite photos to look at of some of my favorite people. PS click on the photos if you'd like to see a larger size.

This is Jon Brion and I believe this photo was taken by Annie Liebovitz. This is also my desktop and sometimes I just stare at it. Jon Brion is my hero. 

I do apologize as this photo is overused as of late due to Apple advertising the Beatles on Itunes. But this photo is gorgeous, and I love the expression, posture and overall feeling I get from this photo. 

Sondra Lee.. aka Tiger Lily from Mary Martin's Peter Pan. I love this photo. 

Stephen Malkmus of Pavement. Need I say more? 

Here are a few pics of me that I often look at - not because i'm conceited!!! because I love remembering the moment the photo was taken. I didn't know any of these were being taken (save for the elephant one) and I love that you can tell my expression in each one. 

This is during a mini shoot with Juli. 

Juli and I both didn't know this photo was taken until I uploaded my memory card! I love it. I was in the middle of painting my room which is why the wall is different colors.

This was during a trip to Thailand and I kept messing up the photos because the elephant kept moving his trunk! I was a bit nervous haha. 

I may or may not have known this picture was being taken, but it still is so cute and I remember that dress. 

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