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Friday, September 24, 2010

New Skirt!

I am so excited to be posting this right now!

Last night I kind of just had this weird motivation. I walked to my fabric stash, picked out 2 fabrics and just went into the basement (sewing area) and worked on making a skirt. I have done it before but the last time I tried, I got stuck on the zipper. But this time, I was just ready.

I worked on it all night and then today, I finished it. My mom helped me out with the waistband (not hard, just didn't know what to do!) and I hemmed the waistband and bottom of the skirt by hand- it took about 2 hours just doing that. This time the zipper was easy because I knew what I was doing!

There are some errors but I think it's 100% wearable! (for me, at least!) The next one I will make will hopefully be perfect, since now I know what I'm doing and I understand the IMPORTANCE of notches, the tracing wheel and cutting out things correctly!!!

Here are some pics but they're not the greatest because it's 11pm and no one is around to take them for me! but you can click on them for more detail.
OH and before I forget, my poor dog Chip got skunked today!! Hilarious/sad. He's okay now, I think the smell is mostly gone. Poor guy.

This is me wearing it with a slip underneath because I didn't make lining, and it's pretty see thru! haha.

I love my hem choice!!!

White zipper
(color is a little distorted because I didn't use the flash!)

enjoy!! Maybe we'll see some in the shop soon?? who knows!!!


PS here's a pic of Chip while I'm bathing him:


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