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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dwight, IL

I spent all day yesterday in Dwight, IL. Why, you ask? Well, I needed to make some money & my grandma needed help with her craft show, so I helped her set up & sell her items. I even brought some of my own to sell. But being in Dwight reminded me that I will always be a city girl. Or even a suburb girl. Or maybe just that I will never be a farm country girl.

There were many good things about the "Harvest Days" festival, though. There was a giant flea market, a big craft show, and the entire town was there. The bars were open and there was a thrift store directly across from our booth - how perfect! The bad part about the day was the downpour for 2 hours - that surely slowed sales and was a big downer for everyone, since it's an outdoor fest. However, once the rained stopped, sales picked up and by the end of the day, there was a noticeable dent in my grandma's inventory.

Being in Dwight was pretty fun though. It's interesting to see such a cultural difference between myself and everyone there. My grandma told me that "people in Dwight don't understand my items because this is a farm town" but I actually sold a few things. (to be honest, I figured I wouldn't sell much of my own stuff, but it was fun just setting up & tagging the items & seeing different ways to display) We took some photos & I'm about to list on etsy some of the things I found while at the flea market and thrift store. enjoy!

oh my gosh i WANTED this!! but once again, lack of space always intervenes

This is how you know you're in farm country:

Uhmm... yes.

They even had PBR!


this was my table:

and lastly, Mike in Dwight:


  1. cute stuff! i loooove that unicorn and have a friend who would love it too. we also live in a smaller space and i am CONSTANTLY wanting to buy things but then think "where on earth could i put it" haha.

  2. gosh I know!! I am always on the lookout for future apartment furnishings, & this would've been one of them if I didn't think my mom would've killed me! All 3 of us (my brothers & i) moved back home within 6 months of each other, so my parent's house is full of 2 apartment worths of furniture. there is NO space for anything else haha!