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Friday, September 10, 2010

boyfriend shirts!

I'm really excited about these 2 amazing boyfriend shirts. I love how the photos turned out & that I'm starting to branch out & experimenting with things I normally wouldn't go near. I used to stick with what I knew - dresses, retro shirts, etc. - but now I'm becoming more and more interested in actual fashion now and what I can contribute to it. Sure, everyone loves a fun 60's polka dot dress, but you can't wear that more than a few times a year! (well, you can! but not everyone will think so) so while I will stay 100% true to my roots and what made me come into this world, I'm also going to start featuring items I've never worked with before, including boots, coats, blazers, etc.

vintage Guess shirt in a thin, lightweight cotton:

vintage Avon Fashions shirt with seafoam stripes and a great pastel design on the cuffs & collars:

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