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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

flea market < 3 !

This past weekend I went to some garage sales + the weekly flea market. I found some amazing items for some amazing prices!! I'm most likely going to keep everything, which never happens!

A stunning group of vintage necklaces - all for $5. I can't stop wearing the whale one!

some gorgeous painted bangles

I bought several of these "True Confessions" magazines from the 60's. Not only are the articles great, but there are some amazing vintage ads that reflect on many items I sell!

Royal Traveller & Lady Baltimore - suitcase brands I am quite familiar with.

Du Pont Nylon

a vintage Pan Am Airplane toy - amazing! I love anything Pan Am!

and lastly, some retro pins. It was hard to choose just a few - I wanted them all!  


  1. you have amazing luck thrifting! i just sent you a message to your etsy, but i just did a feature on your etsy shop over on my blog. i was SO amazed with have some awesome things. i'm glad you have a blog too as now you have a new follower! hi!

  2. where is this flea market?! is it the one at allstate arena?

  3. nope, it's tinley park! the i-80 flea market. It goes til November.