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Monday, September 13, 2010

new handmade items in the shop!

big shop update tonight! I did end up posting those shorts & i listed some handmade items by my mother, a blazer & an adorable vest.

It might seem weird to be listing something handmade with love by your mother, but she won't be wearing them and neither will i! so why not pass it on to someone who will love them? that's what i'm all about - it would make both of us feel better to know they're not sitting in a chest but instead being worn and shown off somewhere around the world :)

i also listed a lovely skirt that i've had for almost 2 years! I bought it thinking it was a skirt, and when i went to model it, i discovered that it was a pair of shorts! now, i have respect for garments in their original form, but i knew it would be 1000x better as a fun and flirty pleated skirt. and of course, with it's design, it's perfect for fall!

there are some other great items as well & more on the way of course!
i also can't wait to post what i found at garage sales this past weekend - some amazing necklaces, including the one i'm wearing in all of my new listings! I also went to the flea market and found some great treasures - i will try to post those tomorrow!


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