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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

cordinated craft show!

Last week, I helped Juli of Cordinated Cables with her 2nd ever craft show! Columbia college was hosting a "DIY event" and invited local artists to come show off their goods. It was fun! We sat next to the Red Bull booth which was promoting "can art" or something. They were giving away free Red Bull. I'm not really a fan.. at all... but it was freeeee.. plus they had Sugar Free Red Bull so I had to try it! Nope, still don't like it.. Sorry!

Anyway.. Juli had a great display and we met some cool people! No cords were sold, but it was fun doing mad libs and conversing with kids (the kids who are all my age or 2 years younger hah). The place also gave us free [delicious] food! epic greatness x 10!

setting up

cordinated cords! literally, we cordinated them by color. MIND BLOWING!

this is me having fun with my 4 year old camera!

If you haven't already, PLEASE check out Cordinated Cables! Even if you don't play any instruments, do it. They make amazing gifts for your rock star girlfriend.. or boyfriend.. hehe. and they are unique and colorful!

This one is my favorite:

until next time!!!

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  1. ooo yay! I was just about to ask if I could grab some of the photos you took from this. They look awesome! Thanks again for helping me. I want to re-read some of those Madlibs cause they ruled. lol.