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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Evolution of a Tote Bag

I remember this day incredibly clearly: I was to attend a show for my friend's band that night, and I had a few hours prior to myself. I decided to make a tote bag.

It took several hours of sewing, seam-ripping and desperately trying to remember what I learned in 3rd grade sewing class to complete this tote, but when I was done, I was ecstatic. I took it with me to the show, showed it off to everyone and posted it on facebook. This tote was my design, my pride and my joy, even if it had a few, um, sewing mistakes. I was, and still am, proud of my tote, which has inspired many more like it.

Here she is, 4 years old this spring. 

My pocket, which I designed (obviously)

Hidden kitten pocket! And the bag is LINED! 

One of my little mess-ups.. not exactly sure how this happened, either. 

This one was made today. Some of the similarities are obvious (the patches all came from the same place) but this one is much more.. refined. 

Another polka-dot lining. I suppose my design sense is pretty stable. 

Definitely no mess-ups on the bottom this time. 

Close up of my abstract patch. I like using little scraps and blending colors. 

Here's another tote, this one has the same straps as the original. I'm not even sure where I found them, but I added the pink color. 

What DON'T you do with felt letters? 

A better photo of the strap

Another, simple tote, that just goes to show how far my sewing skills have come! 

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