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Thursday, March 7, 2013

6 Year Tally

I decided to go through my sold items on etsy and make a tally to see just how many of what I've sold over the years.. and I was actually surprised! My numbers that I thought I'd sold were completely different than what I've actually sold! Here's a synopsis of my inventory sold:

Dresses: 78

Sweaters: 62

Coffee Mugs: 69

Shoes: 32

Books: 50

Shirts/Blouses/Vests: 106 

Suitcases: 37

Carry On Bags: 73 

Seriously, WOW. I've packaged up 73 carry on bags? 69 coffee mugs and only ONE broken?? (the VERY first one I ever sold) 78 dresses!! It's amazing to see these numbers and really puts into perspective the hard work I've put in over the yeas (although it hardly feels like work!)

My shop sold number is 970 and I'm hoping to hit 1,000 by the summer! I have just updated my shop with some unique items included an owl block, sporty mini duffle and scarf! Enjoy :)

owl block - $3

sporty duffle! $16

mini nino bag - $10

gorgeous silk scarf, $14

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