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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Save the books!

I have a very soft spot for vintage books, especially ones with great subjects and covers. I have my own collection of books that I can't part with. (Recently added: Sam and the Firefly. I was about to list it, then I read it, and then I realized I couldn't let it go!!)

I'm beginning to get more into finding books that I think other people would like to have. From mathematics to oceans to stories about red-headed orphans (that are not Annie!), they are all ending up in my shop. Check it out! I think some of these books make great graduation gifts (Math book for a math major or a future math teacher?) or just great books to have in your own library. Enjoy - many more to come!

Sensible Kate from 1943 - $6 

Amy and Laura from 1966 - $6

You and the Oceans from 1965 - $8

Walt Disney's Worlds of Natures from 1964 - $12

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers - $11

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