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Sunday, August 15, 2010

photo-shoot 14.8.10

Photo shoot day!

 We had fun with this one. Since my previous background (the grey brick wall) was the porch of my old apartment which I moved out of in May, we haven't had time to find a suitable place to take photos of our stuff until now! I call it the vortex wall, and it has so many options! I also was able to get Dan to model some of my men's stuff. Dan = hilarious. 

It's this woman again, I like making her hold things. 

We were lucky to have Jess model for us again. She makes life so much easier! I really do admire her willingness to put on whatever we give her, no matter how weird. 

Plus, she had no problem changing in the over-heated Hyundai that we called the changing room. 

So exciting! I feel like a big burst of my favorite colors popped in my shop tonight. I can't wait to list the rest. You'll be able to find all of these items (minus the clutch that I'm making that woman hold - that'll be in Juli's shop!) in the next week posted in my shop: 

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