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Saturday, August 21, 2010

new handmade item!

as you all know, i am a vintage seller and have been for longer than you probably think - almost 7 years! (I started early, when I was 16!) 

I am always trying to find something I can make and sell - but nothing ever really seems right. I'm still learning to sew and I know I'll end up making a bunch of clothes and other cool items, but for now I just want something simple but cute and fun to make. and I found it! my new hello designs, made by cross-stitching. 

While these are fairly easy (I've been cross-stitching forever!) they are time consuming. Each takes at least 3 hours to make believe it or not. I made this one while en route to California on the Amtrak, and it kept me busy for half the time since that's when I created the design. I love it though, and I hope to make many more in the future with different color combinations and fabrics on the back. 

Each piece uses thrifted materials. The woven canvas was thrifted (unused and vintage!), the wooden holder as well (fairly new, but thrifted nonetheless) and the embroidery floss was my moms from back when I was little. I don't think it's necessary to go out to Joann Fabrics every 2 weeks and buy supplies when I know for a fact I can ride my bike to the thrift store and pick is all up, thus saving room in a landfill and giving used (and unused) items a second chance. don't you agree?

anyway, I hope you enjoy them! I really enjoy making these and as soon as the vintage bazaar is over, I hope I can get more listed. 

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