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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tools and Trash.

So... one important fact about me is that I loove trashy television. Rock of Love 1, 2, 3, and..4? (anything that has to do with Bret Michaels receiving multiple STD's is amusing to me, though!) Daisy of love, Charm School, Bachelor, etc.. I love it. I don't know why. One new show I've been watching is called Tool Academy, on Vh1. What a show! It involves 5 or 6 couples, one who is uber sweet(usually the girl) and the other a complete tool. The couples undergo "extensive therapy" to fix their relationships, and the winner receives $100,000.

Watching this show disgusts me, and even frightens me at some points. The women (and man) are treated terribly. Their "significant others" cheat on them, lie to them, demean them, use them, everything you can think of. One of the dudes on season three even said "I don't give a f* if I give her [his girlfriend] an STD!". It's actually sickening to watch this.
However, the worst part is leading up to the dude who gets expelled. Every woman says "If he comes walking through that door, then it's over. This is it." Yet most of the women - even after declaring this - sheepishly go back with the douchebag that is making their lives miserable. So you have to wonder, "Should I feel bad for her? After she willingly goes home with a guy who thinks she is just a piece of meat?". And yes, this is Vh1. I am aware this might not all be 100% true. However, this kind of stuff DOES happen in real life every day. I am lucky enough to have been somewhat strong in all of my relationships - I may have been insecure, but I would've never stuck with someone who blatantly used me, cheated on me, lied to me.. what is the point? I would've much rather been single than deal with that!

Amongst all of this ridiculousness, there is a high point to the show: The Tools' Bedazzled Jackets. They. are. amazing.
Every time I see them with their jackets on, I just imagine all of the tools sitting around one big table with bowls of glitter, glue guns, red fabric, and a be-dazzler. How come this process isn't on the show!? We could learn a lot about a guy thru his be-dazzling skills! Also, can I join? Can I take pictures? I just want to be there when this amazingness happens.

You can't see them, but those beads and glitter... they're there.

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