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Thursday, January 3, 2013

I would like, more than anything, to sell everything I have in my Etsy store and start over!

I'm currently toying with the idea of starting a separate business for my nintendo perler bead art, my vintage and my handmade.. but since handmade is currently overtaking the vintage, I may just combine those two. Really not sure yet!! However, I'd absolutely love to go wholesale with my NES stuff - I just love making them on my layovers, in my free time, anytime really.

Anyway, since my last few posts have been more on the depressing/emotional/life lessons side, I decided to just post some awesome things I have for sale and some awesome things I found while browsing etsy last night! Come on, I know you got some christmas money..!!!

Someone in San Diego loves me oversized sweater - $26

Great Garfield coffee mug, only $6.75

pixelated half apron - how does it get better? Just $15 too! 

piranha plant flower magnet from mario! only $3.50!! 

Vintage Grasshopper Tennis Shoes in 8.5M - soooooo perfect for spring you'll want to wear them every day!!! 

I got some of these stickers for Christmas and they're awesome! Perfect for your scrapbook of your foster cats (...) or decorating your phone or whatever! And they're made by a friend of mine in Austin who ALSO fosters cats and has an FIV+ cat!!!  Just $3! 

I seriously cannot buy this because I've bought EVERY OTHER MAGNET from this seller and my fridge is so full of them. $3

Twin Peaks Pencils. Amazing. I will always love Kyle Maclachlan. This seller also has pencil sets with titles such as "Keyboard Shortcuts" and "Batman Fight Sounds"... just saying. Each set is just $6. 

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