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Saturday, May 19, 2012

summer lovin'

Marjorie and Majorie (Yes, those are our names) took over the backyard yesterday and had a summer photo shoot featuring tons of new items for sale! Remember, the May2012sale coupon code still works until tomorrow, may 20th! Use it to receive 20% off your order! AND it'll be shipped today or tomorrow! win! 

sweet salmon button up blouse by liz sport. just $15!

1970's mosaic skirt - $16

colorful cropped top. can be worn with or without something underneath. perfect for those upcoming scorching summer days.. $16

1960's yellow carry on bag by royal traveller. $32

red and white striped cabin cardigan by liz claiborne. yellow plaid suitcase is also for sale here. Sweater is $30

lightweight 1990's floral dress - $26

summer picnic apron-dress with two pockets. -$26

a one-of-a-kind colorblock shirt. I used upcycled fabric and a gently worn gap tee. just $22

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