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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Week! What have you done?

Ok, so every year I've told myself "I'm going to do something special for Earth day!" and then the day comes around and I don't do anything. LAME!!

This year, I've gone all out. To make up for the past 15 years of not doing anything, I've been able to do something every day to celebrate earth week!

Friday: Chip (my dog) and I went across the street of my parent's house and picked up 1 bag full of garbage and 2 bags of cans/bottles to recycle.
Sunday: Rode my bike (instead of taking the bus) to Target, bought almost ALL natural items, used my reusable bag, rode my bike to Joanne Fabrics and then rode it home. Bought some nice things @ garage sales (reuse!)
Monday: Found and rescued 2 large suitcases, bags and BAGS full of clothing in good shape! The clothing we're not going to use will be donated. I also walked around my Logan Square apartment picking up cans, bottles and plastic to recycle.

Hmm.. what to do today! I will most likely ship out some packages (by taking the bus) and donate items to some thrift stores.. a normal day for me. But hopefully later I can get out and pick up more garbage :)

have you done anything to celebrate earth week!?

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