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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today I took my longest bike ride of the year. I rode from Juli's loft in the West loop to my apartment in Logan Square. Luckily it's just one street all the way up that also has a bike lane. However, it was so freaking WINDY. WHYYY must our city actually live up to it's name?!

It was about a 5 mile ride. It was so gorgeous out today, 70 degrees. Riding at night with the smells of the city (some good, some bad) and riding through Wicker Park listening to kids jam out in their apartments actually made me really happy to live here. I also love it when I'm riding past people and I recognize them - it makes it seem like this city isn't so big after all.

Most of the time when you smell those lovely city smells you get grossed out, but for me it always, always reminds me of being in Bangkok walking around Khoa San Road. There was always music being played, people gathering and making new friends, street vendors, dancing... etc. And it almost felt like I relived that a very tiny bit while I was at the Damen/Milwaukee/North intersection. And it made me pretty happy.

That's all!

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