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Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Finds! 3.5.10

It's Friday! Which means two things: I should've went to my math class today, and Friday begins with an "F". Let me elaborate....

First off, everyone deserves ONE day to NOT go to class, right? I'm not really one to miss, but today it's 40 degrees, I have a car, and I just had to go explore!

Second, Friday begins with an F! So does the word FINDS! So... FRIDAY FINDS! How many times has this been done before? Probably too many, but ah well!

This week I found some AMAZING shops. Chouettes, based in LA, makes absolutely gorgeous jewelry. I am in love with her color choices, the simplicity of some of her earrings, and of course the color mixtures that she uses in some of her items. So amazing! I will definitely be picking up some of her items in the near future.

Vintage Inspired Glass Ball Earrings with Bows- Mint Green

When I saw this item in the voter, I fell in love! It's made by Imaginationkids, who are based in Indiana. I love the shades of blue (I definitely love light blue) and the lovely design. I love nature as well, so it all comes together. I can see this on my desk in the future, or as home decor somewhere else.

Iceberg Stacking toy- Natural Wooden Toy

LOVE! These lemendrop earrings look delicious. I am not even a lemon drop kinda girl, but these look amazing! Made by Erika Price from the UK. Again, something I'm going to have to pick up sometime in the future. I never wore earrings before, but after finding all these items, I really want to start!!

Fun Lemon Yellow Dolly Mixtures Sterling Silver Earrings, Haiti Relief

Check out this super kawaii bow made by BlueberryShoes!! I am a HUGE fan of Kawaii things, bows, pink.. anything girly! (although you wouldn't know it by looking at me!) Check out the rest of her bows, too - everything is super cute and full of girly goodness!!

Pink Kawaii Hair Bow

Well, i hope you enjoyed these finds! Ok time to go out and make some guacamole!!

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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww love these! thank you bunches for the spotlight!!!