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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I was supposed to have a nice, long 28 hour layover in Burlington this weekend, but this is the airlines, and I ended up having just a 24 hour layover which included me getting to my hotel at 4 am and leaving the next day at 4 am. Our tours of the Ben & Jerry factory and Magic Hat Brewery were cancelled, but we went to Church street and had fun anyway. I found a new friend (and it was not the little girl, that's for sure) and witnessed some breathtaking views of the lake. On our last day of work, I finally learned how to make fortune tellers out of paper. I'd say it was a productive trip.

heart shaped clouds in the sky

indie pigeon

duck butts

pirogi union cart! I had a lengthy conversation with this awesome girl. She's a gardener. 

Tangy Beet sauce for our pirogis! 

Finally, my future can be told. 

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  1. That little girl's face is too funny. She looks like she's about to beat you up for touching her goat.