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Thursday, April 26, 2012

End of April shop update!

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I discovered a hidden part of Gurnee, IL that has like, 5 thrift stores. It was insanity! We went to a big Salvation Army and a smaller boutique-like store.. I decided to save the others for another rainy day.

I found a lot of amazing stuff, and my boyfriend was such a trooper as he held my stuff and people-watched. I've posted many items on Etsy, and they're quite amazing so don't miss out! More to come as I am working on photographing everything I have before I get more.. (let's see how well this works..)

someone else's cat.. on YOUR wall! 

vintage WWF cropped sweater

plus-size nautical blouse

Tan ruffle purse!

Racquetball Suitcase. 

gorgeous cerulean blue blouse in xs-small 

1980's pink Avon blouse

8-bit kitchen apron

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