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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kenya 2011!

I am Kenya Bound! well...almost!

I'm going to be volunteering through a New Zealand program called IVHQ and I chose to be placed in Kenya. I am requesting to work in the orphanages teaching, but also hope to be working in the garbage slums. Riveting website, right?
a slum in the landfill, made of items the families found in the garbage. 

I also found this facebook group called Fashion Love Africa and my heart started racing -- programs like these are EXACTLY what I want to do in my life! Create stylish, unique items made with love & care from recycled materials and to profit people who really need it. A.m.a.z.i.n.g. Just seeing that group really shed some light on the fact that there are programs out there like that that I would be ecstatic to be part of. I am really, really excited. It's sort of like a small realization- I am always struggling with trying to figure out what I want to do and how to combine my love of fashion, travel, the environment and people all into one, and something like that just shows there are possibilities. Hooray!

the women with the bags they've made-- amazing! 

Anyway, I am trying to make the money (and save it too) to go on this trip. I plan on using one of my mom's empty credit cards to book my flight, but as with everything, I'll have to pay that back plus interest. bummer!

If you've seen anything in my shop that you had your eye on, now would be a perfect time to pounce! I am also listing lots more too. You can buy knowing that your money is helping me out so, so, so much. Not just with bills or something, but an opportunity to change lives including my own, help others in need, and really make a huge impact. Here are some of my favorite items in the shop right now:

my "lightning mountain" pillow - made from a recycled skirt & fabric I found. one of a kind and super awesome! 

birds of a feather - the colorful pieces on this pillow have a bit of fray to them, and they remind me of feathers. very colorful, pastel feathers! 
one of a kind patchwork hoop, ready to hang! made from recycled materials. hoop has also been thrifted.  

awesome contemporary pillow. I took fabric I found and added a vintage Sears tag to the bottom corner for a little pop. Great for home decor and very comfy! 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Catch a Tiger @ the Metro

If you grew up in or on the outskirts of Chicago, then you know what the Metro represents for us 20 something kids...aka adults. Ever since I was 15, I was sneaking downtown to go see shows play there, from punk rock to geek rock. When I found out my friends were invited to play, I knew it was a huge deal!! The show was Friday, and I was lucky to get a backstage pass.


after show

check them out on facebook as well as their new music video for Daggerz 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

miu miu Spring 2k11


Get the look: 



Tuesday, January 4, 2011


is it wrong for me to absolutely love these guys? 

What is it with twins?? John and James from a few seasons ago (whose elimination was so very premature) and these guys! I am rooting for you, you are adorable! hahaha. 

etsy > the mall

Ok, of course if you're here you probably love Etsy as much as I do. Does any other shopping website even come close to the epic-ness that is Etsy? Where you can buy directly from people much like yourself, knowing your money isn't going to a corporation but to someone's pocket to help them feed themselves or keep growing their business? The world needs less corporate power and more independent businesses, sellers, and people doing what they love. And as a seller, I can verify how satisfying it is to sell something I picked out, created, and spent time making perfect. It is such a great feeling to get the "etsy transaction" email. 

Anyway, that being said, I've been hitting up Urban Outfitters and other hip stores a lot lately because of where I've been placed to work, and while they have great clearance, I can't even imagine spending the kind of money they ask on something I can totally get on Etsy! You have no idea (or maybe you do) the striking similarities between Urban's accessories & clothing and the vast selection on Etsy. It's like they go to Etsy for ideas or something.. I don't know! 

So while I know going out to the mall or shopping is an experience within itself, think of Etsy next time you hit up Urban or Forever 21. You can get one of a kind pieces with history & character for SO much cheaper! and I'm here to help you do that! 

PJ by Peter Johnson for Urban Outfitters
Cotton/Poly blend, Imported
Polar Bear Cropped Sweater in S/XS - $20! 

dancing bears cropped sweater in small - $30

Amazing Carousel Horse sweater in Medium - $36

Giraffe Sweater (amaaaazing!) in s/m/l - $42