small changes can lead to big differences.

Monday, July 26, 2010

can't.. get.. anything.. done..

When it comes to getting things done that I don't want to do, it takes me hours, if not days to get it done. The current scenario: I just got home from a 2 week vacation, and before I left, I had moved everything home. Now I am presented with a huge task at hand: put things away, create an office/workspace for myself, and work. all at once. 

It is nearly impossible for me to do this right now - I keep getting discouraged, I think of more fun things to do (like write up a blog entry!) post my photos from costa rica, dance to Tokyo Police Club, email my boyfriend, etc.. maybe after this entry, I will actually attempt this task again, but maybe not.. we'll see. 

Anyway, yesterday we went to the Tinley Park Flea Market.. a place I did not know existed. I kept seeing the small building advertising it, but I thought it had been abandoned and never once thought there was actually a decent flea market in the suburbs! I found some pretty awesome stuff, too - Barbie stamps from 91 (my favourite find by far!), a 1962 yearbook, vintage wooden Disney blocks, vintage Cambell's soup thermos and some retro birthday invitations which i fully intend on using for my next party! 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

oh hey there!

Oh man! has it really been over a month since I posted!? I'm sorry! Between school/work/moving and my upcoming trip, time has been very limited!

If you''d like, go over to my travel blog ( and keep in touch there! I'll hopefully be posting entries every few days on my travels. I can't wait!!! I leave on the 6th and get back on august 2nd.

Until next time,